We Heart It was looking for opportunities to increase market penetration through brand awareness. 

Increase brand awareness
Maximize short-term impact on MAU

By branding images shared from our site across social media we can increase brand awareness

Time - emphasis on short-term impact
Potential legal issues with branding image directly
Different social media platforms crop shared images differently

Other Considerations:
How content interacts with UI elements on other platforms when shared
How to let the content shine while still allowing the We Heart It brand to be clearly identified
How might we make the branded images delightful for our audience, i.e. playful, colorful, shareable

Researched how image-cropping worked across social media sites and started with the design for Twitter because it had the most constraints

The solution was to tailor the branding based on how the images were cropped and how they might interact with surrounding UI across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Final layouts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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